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Rachel Hayward: The Steelpan Handbook

An illustrated history of pan with descriptions of the various pans and their ranges, how to look after them, write music for them etc. TB003 £ 5.90

Rachel Hayward: Master the Tenor Pan

A practical tutor for the tenor pan. TB004 £9.90 Easy - moderate

Rachel Hayward & Alex Heffes: Panaphon: A gallimauphry of gambols for steel band.

A progressive set of twelve pieces for young bands, 6 arrangements of well-known pieces and 6 original pieces by Alex Heffes. The Teachers’ pack contains a score & parts for tenor, double seconds, cello, guitar and bass pans, and 4 percussion parts. Teachers’ pack SP001 £ 18.00; extra pan parts SP001/pan pt £ 2.50; extra percussion parts SP001/per pt £ 1.00. Easy - moderate


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