Gordon Dale: My First Sonata

A 4 movement work in simple classical style for young players of about grade 3.Pf001 £ 4.50

Gordon Dale: Fugue for Philip

An advanced piece for solo piano written for Philip Lange suitable for players of grade 8 + Pf002 £ 6.90 order music now

Michael Bawtree: Sonata No. 1

For solo piano. Written when the composer was 15. A challenge for pianists of about grade 6. PF003 £5.90 order music now

Jack Hawes: Three Child Portraits

For solo piano - about grade 4 Pf004 £ 4.50 order music now


Included in our catalogue are a number of easy works for one or more instruments with piano where the piano part is suitable for another pupil of roughly the same age and ability to play. These can be found in the following sections: recorder; violin; viola; cello; double bass; horn; they are marked 'easy piano'.

Piano concertos

Music for Harp

Carolan arranged by Danielle Perrett: A Patchwork Suite

Pieces by the Irish harpist , Carolan arranged as a suite for modern harp. Some pieces do not require the use of pedals. Hp001 £ 6.25. Moderate order music now



Chamber Music with Harp

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