Jennifer Andrews: The Mellow Cello

Beginners' pieces for cello & pianoVc004 £6.50; .extra cello part; Vc004/pt £2.30. Easy order music now

Gordon Dale:Tom Bowling

For cello (or viola) and piano Both versions in same copy.Va/Vc003 £3.90; extra part Va/Vc003/pt",£1.30. Easy grade 3 order music now

Gordon Dale:Cello Sonata Op. 100/1

For cello & piano. Four movements, Allegro giocoso, Carol for Caroline, Minuet & Allegro ma vivo - a lively 7-8/6-8 movement. Duration about 13 minutes. For Moderate to advanced players. Vc005 £8.90. Moderate - advanced order music now

Ken Gange: First Concert; 15 First Position Pieces

Beginners' pieces for cello and piano. Vc001 £6.90; extra part Vc001/pt £3.25 beginner order music now

F. A. Pfeiffer edited by Dr. David J. Rhodes:Duetto (1) in G minor & (2) in B Flat

For violin - original (or clarinet ) & bassoon or cello; PNC014 2 Playing scores (violin & bassoon) with notes & commentary with an alternative part for clarinet. Moderate order music now

F.A. Pfeiffer edited by Dr. David J. Rhodes: Six Sonatas (1 - 3)

For Bassoon and keyboard &/or cello. All in B Flat Complete with notes & commentary £16.95. Moderate order music now

F.A. Pfeiffer edited by Dr. David J. Rhodes: Six Sonatas (4 - 6)

For Bassoon and keyboard &/or cello. in F Major (4 & 5) & B Flat major.. Complete with notes & commentary. £16.95 Moderate order music now

Thomas Pitfield: Concertino Academica

For cello and orchestra or piano. Duration 5 mins. . Composer’s reduction for solo & piano YS005B £10.50. Moderate - advanced; about grade 6-7. order music now

Wendy Waldock: Fast Track Bowings for Cello

Bowing exercises for Cello with CD backing tracks.Developed from Mary Goodman's Fast Tracking Fiddle. Vc006/cd £5.90. Beginners - advanced order music now


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