Kenneth Gange

(1939 - )

Ken was born and brought up in South Wales. He taught for many years in Cannock where he still lives. Although he is self taught as a composer he has been director of Stafford-shire's Young Composers' Guild. His works range from short choir pieces to orchestral works and are mainly written for pupils and choirs that he knows. Taking early retirement from full time teaching has enabled him to concentrate on composing and playing piano and violin.

Ken's latest contributions to the Piper catalogue are the PLAYTIME FOR FAST TRACKERS for violin and piano and viola and piano which provide repertoire pieces to play alongside the FAST TRACKING tutors for both instruments by Mary Goodman. Other string publications by Ken include HOMAGE TO THE BAROQUE for viola and piano and FIRST CONCERT - FIFTEEN FIRST POSITION PIECES FOR VIOLA or CELLO & PIANO. The latter have been used extensively as examination pieces by the various boards and for music festivals. Ken has also been a major contributor to our FAVOURITES series for string quartet or orchestra, woodwind and brass ensembles.

Our brass music catalogue includes some notable pieces from Ken. His CONCERTINO MARZIALE for trumpet or trombone with orchestra or piano (Young Soloist series) and THE JAUNTY HORN for horn and piano - both exam board favourites - have proved popular as has his CHRISTMAS MEDLEY for brass quartet The CLARINET CONCERTINO - also in our Young Soloist series - is another very enjoyable work. Many young recorder players have enjoyed his CHRISTMAS PRELUDE and CHRISTMAS FANTASIA and many singers of all ages have enjoyed THE PRAISE OF CHRISTMAS and other choral works.


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